Kentucky Creeks

About our Waterways

Welcome to Kentucky Creeks.  dedicated to the beauty, diversity, and conservation of the waterways within Kentucky.

 Kentucky has over 90,000 miles of streams throughout the state, and has more miles of navigable water than any other state, except Alaska.   Within the creeks, streams, and rivers lay a great diversity of life.  Kentucky has over 250 fish in the state, making it one of the most diverse fish populations in the United States.  The Green River system is ranked in the top 5 in diversity in the U.S.  These waterways also hold a great diversity of crayfish, mussels, and other animals.  In the following pages, you will see photos, brief descriptions, and other notes about the non-game stream fish of Kentucky.  They are not complete lists of all fish, but common fish in the state.​
Kentucky's Natural Resources desperately need to be protected.  Kentucky's streams are being polluted more and more each day.  Everything from mining to urbanization affects our streams.  It's not only the fish that are being affected, but our drinking water as well.  Protecting Kentucky's unique environment is critical.  Please visit the Links/Contact page to see ways you can get involved with protecting your watershed.  You can also contact state and local agencies to find other ways you can help protect your environment.